From Girl to BOY!

Before you even start looking at this post I have to explain something BIG… yes BIG SHOCKING news! ( To me anyways…)

So… you know that little bit of information that we found out just under two months ago? The part where we thought we were having a baby girl?? Well, did this little one ever have a surprise for us! Just this past weekend, my husband & I went in for our 3D ultrasound to have a little peek at our sweet princess. Little did we know we were looking at a handsome prince! YES A BOY!

Surprise! It sure is shocking what a different mind set you quickly have to adjust to! We are over and beyond thrilled to meet this little guy, only three months away!

I’ve been planning to post about my nursery ideas and quickly had to switch from powder pinks to handsome greys!  I finally decided to post both a GIRL and a BOY nursery board. Enjoy!

1. Lotus Capiz Light Pendant
2. Pink and Ivory Pom Baby Mobile
3. White & Gold Leather Pouf
4.  Let her Sleep Print, OH LA LA Print , Be Happy Print
5. Gold Sequined LOVE Cushion
6. Jenny Lind White Crib
7. Empire Rocker
8. Designers Guild wallpaper

1. Paper Mache Animal Heads
2. Steel Polyhedron Pendant
3. Osborne & Little Coronata Star wallpaper
4. Love you to the moon & back pillowLuxe Fur Pillow
5. Winslow Iron Crib
6. I can do all things PrintClassic Print
7. Remix Blanket
8. Round basket with Chalkboard