Gear up for Fall


Fall is approaching faster then we think! And, as much as I love summer…I love fall fashion! So yes, I’m excited for fall! I won’t jump ahead of myself too much. I’m going to start slow with the chunky wool sweaters and heavy boots! Don’t worry I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of summer post till we finally hit the first day of autumn in September! Here is just a few staple items that you might want to start looking for! Enjoy xo.

Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday.  It was a pretty crazy day, BUT full of excitement in store for the future!

1. Khaki Animal Hood Parka $133
2. Rompy Rope Cotton Chino Pants
3. Safari Scarf $17.95
4. MK Grayson Large Satchel $348
5. MK Brown Riding boots $246 (sale)