Gift Guide For the Hostess With The Mostest

If you’ve ever hosted any family dinners, holiday parties or gatherings you know how just how much work goes into it. Clean the house, decorate, have food prepared, enough in advance that you are actually going to get time to mingle with your guests, think about signature drinks, of course make sure you have enough ice, annnnnd after it’s all over… clean up! With all that in mind,  I LOVE to host, having friends and family over is something that brings our family so much joy.  Opening your home to loved ones is really what the Christmas and the holidays are all about.

When curating this gift guide we had in mind someone who loves to entertain, cook and takes pride in there home. This offers you so many different avenues to pick out a thoughtful gift, other than just your typical box of chocolates or bottle of wine.

It’s nice to think outside of “the box”, and thoughtfully pick a gift that can be included in their home. A beautiful throw to go over the end of there couch, or why not a fun nostalgic coffee table book from McGee & Co that is perfect for the winter season. Have someone who loves to cook and be in the kitchen? A Google Home Mini is a fun and affordable gift great gift for anyone who loves to listen to music yet offers so much more! Ask google any question, it’s actually quite fun to have around the house.

Do you have that friend that always hosts throughout the year, or maybe its your mom or sister who is pulling together the family meal for Christmas. If you are looking for something extra special to express your gratitude for all the time and money it takes to host, why not come together and surprise your hostess with a piece of jewellery like this bracelet from our favourite local jewelry designer Leah Alexandra, so unexpected and thoughtful.  Whether its a gorgeous decorative bowl for the kitchen, a set of pretty napkins, a statement gold olive branch decor piece, or even pair a holiday mug and a gift certificate to Starbucks for those early morning coffees! Putting some extra thought this year is sure to warm there heart and show your gratitude towards them.

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