Gifts For That Girl.

Next on our MH Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Her! From your mom to your bestie, we know it can be a challenge to decide on the perfect gift for any lady that expresses your love and thankfulness to her. Worry not! Gathered below is a collection that will have something for any girl that you are shopping for, or if you fancy something for yourself, go ahead and send a hint to your partner. Hey, and if you’re reading this and something catches your eye, why not forward it to those who need an extra little help, perhaps your dad, husband, boyfriend… those guys always need a little hinting at!

I’m all about the coziness of winter and practical! I’ll always say yes to a chunky scarf or knit sweater. You might have noticed that I’ve been wearing this pretty brown knit sweater, on repeat on that note. Many of you have been asking about it, and it has a great price point too- under $40!! (Comes in many other colors too!). The cream knit sweater might just be added onto my Christmas list, I love the detail on it.

What might be some easy items to add to your gift giving? A luxury candle that you know she won’t typically splurge on but you know she’ll appreciate. A beautiful bottle of perfume, pretty leather good- this little leather travel duo is my all time favourite! The pretty linen 5 Minute Journal has caught my eye, and a great reminder going into the new year to slow down and write down a simple few words that day. Perhaps even set an intention for the day, or jot down a weekly/monthly goal. Jewelry is always on my list, and you all know how much I love my (local girl) Leah Alexandra’s gold pieces. I love every single one, and I know you’ll love them too!

Hope this gift guide leaves you inspired and perhaps even ends up with a little gift for yourself. We’re all guilty right?? xo

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