Gifts for the Littles!

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas shopping for not only my own kids, but for my nieces, nephews and littles ones in my life too! There are so many adorable little things to buy, from fashion pieces, toys cute enough to display in their rooms, beautifully illustrated books and fun accessories too! I know buying toys can be overwhelming (especially for a parents), I always catch myself saying: “Do they really need more?”. This makes my shopping intentional, thinking about functional and fun things that they will love and enjoy. Of course my little Liam loves his Lego, so there will be a box of Lego for him under the tree too. But these items below are perhaps things you haven’t seen or thought of. Thoughtfully cute to send to the little ones that live out of town too. Oh! And a lot of these items are on sale this Black Friday/ Cyber weekend to.

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