Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend, not quite though! This morning is a quiet, cold, comfy morning here in Vancouver! The first snow has left a glorious winter’s touch to our mountains!

Days like today make me think about how amazingly crazy and busy life is! Taking moments like this in the morning and finding appreciation in little things, lets me to step back and be filled with love and thankfulness!

Sorry if I’m being too cheesy for you this morning. I know you love it!

Anyhow, just got me thinking about all the talented, gorgeous, thoughtful, hard working, fun girls I get to do life with! Today I’m thankful for ALL of you! Old girlfriends, new girlfriends and the ones yet to come! It’s true, we pick and choose! But they’re always the best ones!

Share the warm and fuzzy girlfriend love today! You know you want to! xo