Guest Bedroom Refresh

Our spare bedroom comes in handy since we have a lot of extended family who come to visit. We are always needing the extra space! Now that it’s spring, I thought it would be a nice time to freshen up the bedding in this room. Changing out the duvet cover, quilt, or throw pillows can easily breathe new life into a spare room.

I was impressed with the amazing bedding deals I found on eBay. They actually have everything you could want! Ultimately, I chose this new quilt and shams for our spare bedroom. I love to layer neutrals, and this was the perfect set to add just enough change in the space for it to feel “new.”  Thinking about freshening up your bedroom this spring?

Here are my top 10 suggestions on how to do it, and all available on eBay:

1. Consider how long you’ve had your duvet cover. Is it time to exchange it for a new one?
2. New sheets feel absolutely amazing and make all the difference for a good night’s sleep.
3. Pillow protectors. New hypoallergenic pillows could help lessen your spring allergy symptoms.
4. If you had to switch out a few things, toss your pillow and blanket. New ones can refresh the space.
5. Clean out your side tables. If they’re anything like mine, countless ponytail holders and endless receipts have built up. Declutter to feel better about your space.
6. Wash your pillows, duvets, and quilts following the manufacturer’s instructions. Staying consistent with this will help ease spring allergy symptoms, too.
7. Is your mattress right for you? A pillow top might be a good investment to give make your bed feel more luxurious.
8. Did you know there are duvet options are better suited to colder or warmer weather? Choose the best fit for your climate.
9. This silk pillowcase is perfect for eliminating bed head and minimizing wrinkles. I love how it’s cool to the touch.
10. Open your windows to get the fresh air in. It makes all the difference!

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