Guest Post- Organizing Jewelry

Happy Monday! Today, I’m excited to introduce to you to an amazing blogger Annie Traurig of Live Simply Blog.  A blog where you can find everything about organization and making it look pretty while you’re at it! Today Annie is going to show us how to organize all our baubles and increase their life time too! Take it away Annie!

When it comes to organizing jewelry, the two main concerns are keeping it from getting tangled, and keeping it from getting lost. General rules include the fact that necklaces should be hung to avoid getting tangled, Sterling silver should be stored in a felt or velvet pouch to prevent tarnishing, and pearls should be kept in a cotton or silk pouch to avoid being scratched. Other than that, it’s a matter of personality and personal preference.

For the chronically busy, attention-deficient, or right-brained:

You don’t care so much about the exact placement of your baubles. In fact, without some extra intention, they’d probably end up floating all over the house, or in a tangled mess. For you I prescribe a dish or pegboard. A single dish or tiered dishes are a great way to keep jewelry corralled and accounted for, while not actually requiring you to think about which compartment individual bling belongs in. Pegboards also serve a similar function; pin chains wherever you want, and enjoy the fact that everything is right out there where you can see it.

For the devoted organizer, detail-stickler, or left-brained:

You like your charms sorted by category, by color, by occasion, and you believe every last trinket should be kept in its rightful place. Your best bet? Jewelry trays that can either be displayed atop a dresser, or handily stowed away inside a drawer. Divided into singular sections, these allocate a cozy home for each and every precious stone.

For the mellow-mannered or mid-brained:

You like to keep things neat, but need a system that still feels relatively easy to upkeep. For you, my dear, I recommend jewelry stands. These offer you more organizational control than a dish, while giving you more freedom than a divided drawer.

For the independent or DIY-er:

You get your thrills from making things on your own. Use your crafty talents to build a nifty display for your treasures. All you’ll need is a frame, some wire, and a couple of hooks, and tadah!

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