Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this pretty much sums up my week! I’ve 100% fallen for Neon…here! Make that 200%! I hope you’ve grasped onto this hot summer trend! Let your love for the 80’s shine! This week has been wonderful! Lots of things to be thankful for! Bfrend bracelets are selling so fast I have officially turned my living room into a sweat shop! (Yes the hubby has been helping!) I couldn’t miss out with this Neon trend and just created one of my newest faves Neon Cobra (as seen above!).

Yesterday I purchased two ikat pillows off of etsy for my patio (not in neon, but now I might be having second thoughts!). I have found the perfect shade of neon nail polish by essie…. and I’m oh so close in giving in and purchasing those Kate Spade ballerina flats! Now it’s the weekend! Time for some fun in the sun, kissing the one you love and laughing with friends! Maybe a water balloon fight?

Happy weekend everyone! xo

Photos found on Pinterest. Credits: Somethingtrendy blog spot, rainblowg.tumbre.com, theworldsharoc.tumblr.com, Table Tonic