happy weekend!

Happy weekend… Happy LONG weekend! So, I’m sad to say  that this weekend is that weekend. The last weekend to pack everything in before everything goes back to normal. No, I’m not going back to school, but the traffic is and everything else comes along with it to end off the summer! Hope you make this one a fabulous one!!!

I’m off to enjoy some pampering at the spa today! I’ve had a giftcard sitting in my wallet for a while now, I think it’s about time I used it! Pamper me up before the weekend!

On that note: Have you checked out thebeautydepartment yet? It’s the cutest website with fun tips and tricks on how to pamper yourself without having to head to the spa! You’ll also see lots of gorgeous Lauren Conrad on there! Check it out I promise you’ll love it!

Cheers to a great weekend! xo
ps: Isn’t that picture hilarious? Made my laugh!

photo taken from thebeautydepartment.com