Hello MH Wellness

I am so excited to introduce a new addition to MH as we kick of a new year, set new goals and strive for a healthier more mindful lifestyle. As a team, one of our goals this year is to be better to our bodies and mind. Life is go, go, go, go and I have to admit that I actually like it that way. But in the midst of our packed schedules, I’ve discovered in order to get through the day and not over exhaust ourselves,  we have to be better to our body, minds and spirit. This is how MH Wellness came to be.

Wellness is a part of MH that we hope you can unwind, breath and just stop to take a moment for yourself; with an added does of hope and motivation. Bringing a sense of peace and relief, witch makes us better wives, mothers, friends, daughters. We will be sharing our favourite little remedies with natural ingredients, essential oils, fitness products, wholesome food, travel destinations and lots of encouragement along the way. We hope this is a place where our MH community can come together and share their experiences, hopes, joys and little trips and tricks too. As we go into the year, we’ll be developing this little piece of MH integrated into blog posts and events. If you’re on the same page and want to join us on this wellness journey, follow our new Instagram page @MH.wellness, where you can keep up with everything we post about.

Let us know what you want to see and learn about too! We want to navigate this section of MH with you, and would love to hear your suggestions. I’m answering some already commonly asked questions we’ve received through our new Instagram account under the graphic below. xo

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Commonly Asked MH Wellness Questions thus far: 

  1. 1. Which Collagen are you adding to your morning hot water and lemon? 
  2. I’ve really been enjoying Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (natural unflavoured powder). I add one scoop to my hot lemon water. It has 18 grams of protein (per two scoops) and great for your skin, hair, joints, ligaments and amazing for anti-aging. 

2. Which Essential Oils do you add to your water and why?
Grapefruit, lemon and peppermint by Young Living. (See above board). I decided to start adding essential oils to my water (hot or cold), to help with boosting my metabolism and cut unwanted cravings in-between meals. These three are perfect for my needs. I love the Young Living essential oils because they are approved to ingest by mouth (not paranoid that my kids take a sip either), and their oils are  highest quality of oil with no dilutions. 

3. Why do you love camomile so much?
I grew up with my mom always giving us camomile tea. It’s great for an upset stomach, irritated dry skin, goopy eyes, anxiety and much more. Whenever I’m feeling off, you’ll find me drinking a cup of hot camomile tea. 

4. Do you work out? How many times a week?
Yes, I workout as much as my schedule allows me to. It can be hard to find the time, but I find I’m happier, more motivated and feel amazing after a good workout. I try to workout 3-5 times a week. Of course depending on the season, sickness and my families needs I have weeks that I have to skip out on my work outs. I try not to let it bother me so much, just jump back in the following week. 

5. Do you follow a food/lifestyle diet?
Yes! I try to really limit gluten, dairy, refined sugars and saturated fats. I love whole30 as a detox/ reset. I do however love food and do indulge with friends and family when the time is right. Let’s just say I’m an 80/20 kind of girl. 

6. With a background in medicine, what is your opinion on seeing a Naturopath?
I am so for seeing a Naturopath in addition to seeing your Doctor. I myself see both and find it such an added benefit for my health and wellbeing. It’s taught me so much about my body’s needs, gut health and metabolism. I recommend it 100%! 

7. Will you be sharing more vegan and gluten free recipes?
Yes, we love including recipes that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc. We like to include a little bit of everything in our recipe development posts. 

8. Thoughts on a chemical free home?
I absolutely love the idea of a chemical free home, especially with having children. I am very mindful of using organic and natural products in my home for cleaning etc. Truthfully we are not at 100% yet, but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve been using Norwex cleaning products and accessories since we first got married and now switching a lot of our household products to the Thieves collection from Young Living. Honestly I love the idea of it allll being natural. I’m on my way! 

Note: To purchase the Young Living products you’ll need a members link. We have a products page available for you to use, giving our MH readers the chance to purchase and enjoy all our favourite products including oils, defusers, house hold products that we share about. We will also be including them in our recipes and DIY’s to make it easier for you to partake in. If you’re having troubles don’t be shy to send us an email to help you out- [email protected].