High & Low Home Edition

We receive so many questions requesting “high & low” options for your homes. We are so all about this, and it rings true in our own spaces.  I love investing in furniture that you know will last you for years and years, but then also fill in the rest with lower price points that can really look just as good! Today I’m sharing both spectrums with some of my favourite home furniture and decor items. There really is no right and or wrong when it comes to high and low. Perhaps you’re a university student living in a dorm or renting with a roommate. Or you’re layering pieces as you go to furnish your home. Or maybe you’re simply on a budget but want the designer look.

The truth is furniture is expensive, really expensive! I find this to be true especially when it comes to tables and chairs, hence why I’ve included a classic coffee table and dining/ kitchen chair. You’ll see lots of these popular items popping up in your Pinterest and favourite designer’s feeds. I hope you can take these examples and feel more confident with your purchases. Again, it’s okay to splurge, I really do find the the hight ticket items stand the test of time; which means you won’t have to switch them out as often, as they wear well. However I am also a big fan to get the look for less, because furnishing and decorating your home adds up quickly and obviously we want to be mindful with our spending too! I say one piece, one room at a time. Happy decorating!


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