Holiday Gift Guide No. 3 – Your BFF

She’s the first person you call when you have exciting news to share, need a listening ear to vent to, or a comforting shoulder to cry on. No matter whether you’ve met recently and just “clicked” or you’ve had each other’s backs since elementary school, your BFF is the person you know almost as well as you know yourself. She knows you better then you know your self, and deserves an extra-special gift because of it.

When I compiled ideas for this holiday gift guide for your best friend, I tried to find luxe, pretty things that she would love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. A stunning grey velvet clutch that’s completely on trend. A delicate locket that’ll never go out of style, with a bestie selfie inside of course. A silk pillowcase to elevate her beauty sleep, decrease her wrinkles and add shine to her hair, that’s what best friends are for right?  An organic SPF, smooth primer that helps to improve her skin while she wears it. A book to help her stick to all the new years’ goals you know she’ll make. Regardless of what she’s into, finding that little extra something you know she’ll love is worth every penny. And that sequin wine t-shirt will for sure be a win in her books, my bestie (MK) will love this one I know! ! Happy BFF shopping!

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