Spring Home Updates

Now that all my Christmas decorations are put away and the new year is in full swing, my mind is on easy ways to refresh my space and transition into brighter days. While some of you might be ready to jump into organizing mode, I like to find simple and manageable ways to infuse a sense of renewal into my home that doesn’t feel too overwhelming after such a busy season. Instead of doing a total purge of your spaces, my tip is to focus on smaller goals, like replacing winter accessories with spring pieces. This can look like switching out an old rug for something lighter, changing the covers on throw pillows, or adding a new lamp for an easy change of mood.

Decluttering is also a great way to see what items you already have in your home. Whenever I clean out my pantry or junk drawers, I’m always surprised by what I find. Resurfacing found items and giving them new life is as simple as putting out a bowl for fresh fruit in your kitchen, filling a vase or pitcher with early-blooming flowers, or filling a container with potted spring bulbs that can easily be transferred outdoors as the weather changes. Of course, treating yourself to a new accessory you’re excited about is good motivation to declutter as well.

Refreshing your home is a low-stress approach to livening your space for the new year, and I invite you to embrace creative ways of welcoming back a little lightness to your home.

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