How to pack!

Happy Friday!!! Yay for the weekend!!!

The second I saw this post on “a pair and a square” I had to “borrow” it and share with you! I’ve had so many friends ask me what they need to bring on trips to look fabulous in cities like New York, Paris and even Hawaii! (Jealous right???) First I tell them that they need to make room for me in their suitcase and then we can figure out the rest later!

After seeing this packing picture “check list”, packing became that much easier!!! Staple items and bursts of color  add to any basic outfit! Most important! Don’t forget the accessories! You can wear the same outfit twice and totally transform it with different bracelets, necklaces, scarves, hats… you name it!

Danielle, this one goes out to you! Happy New York Trip to you!!!

Have a great weekend!! xo