Happy Friday! Happy day it is indeed!

Today my hubby bought me the new iphone 4S. I am so happy and beyond thrilled to get rid of my old 4 year old 3G! The first thing I did was took a picture with the “oh so talked about” camera! YES, heaps better than my old one! I thought I would try it out right away (picture above)and see what it does for my blogging world! And of course I am soooo much more impressed, compared to my old blurry mess of iphone photos that I was posting before! It’s a tad bit blurry, I might have moved a bit from pure excitement! However! I am getting closer and closer to fabulous photos on here! 😉

Yay for a new phone and the weekend! Anyone else switch over? Or planning on it?

Have a great fun packed weekend! xo

** Plus some of my favourite things on my office cork board! **
She Loves Magazine– Life Women
Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Show Case
The Cross Decor & Design pin
One of my favourite Wedding photos by Jasalyn Thorne
Lulu&Drew original artwork postcard
Tickets to Creme de la Creme- Nov 6th
Kate Spade postcard
Starbucks Pick of the week- Feist
Fun photo booth with my hubby at the Vancouver Home+Design Show
Noir Lash Lounge
Bombay Brow Bar
Class Schedule for  TheBarMethod
Passes to the Vancouver Home+Design Show Oct 13-16
bfrend love
Blo– Blow Dry Bar
Lovely card from a lovely friend
Building Forward
And lots of reminders!
Tory Burch