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As a mom, I want to give my children the best.  To all the amazing mothers out there, you know everything we do is for our children – from spending quality time with them, to providing clothes for them to wear and making healthy meals to nurture them. This need to protect our children and help them grow into the best versions of themselves can be overwhelming at times. Especially when we are hit with all of the different product options and conflicting opinions about what is best for them.

I know I certainly felt this way when looking into formula choices for Lillya.  I nursed Lillya for about three months before I decided to start giving her formula. I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the different options.  It was definitely a hard decision to make due to the fact that I had originally planned to nurse her for a year. But because she had silent acid reflux, I knew I had to explore other options.
Baby Girl Formula Review
When looking into formulas this time around, all the brands started to sound the same. All perfect in their own way! I honestly didn’t know if I was making the best choice for my baby.  But I knew I had to research all my options as I only wanted the best for my sweet Lillya.

Baby Girl Formula Review Being a mom to a daughter is such a special bond.  There is something so different and exciting about hanging out with my little girl and watching her grow. I absolutely love watching her ever so sweet personality shine through!  So when I was searching through different brands of formula for her and heard that Similac had a new, non-GMO formula, I was super eager to learn more!

Baby Girl Formula Review

This new product is Similac’s closest formula to breast milk and it contains galactooligosaccharides.  Now that huge word may sound kind of scary, or even made up, but it simply supports the growth of good bacteria in your child’s digestive system. Similac Advance also contains lutein, an antioxidant naturally found in breast milk that supports healthy brain and eye development, as well as DHA, an omega-3 fat.

Baby Girl Formula Review Baby Girl Formula Review
Lillya didn’t have any problems with this formula, which has been been such a relief!  It has taken so much worry off my plate knowing that I have chosen something that I can count on and that Lillya enjoys! Best part is, now that she’s over one year, there is also a 12-24 month option that we are using now. As a mom to my sweet Lilly, I really love this choice of formula for her! She is one happy growing girl, and that makes me one happy mommy.

Baby Girl Formula ReviewIt’s a lot of information to take in so I encourage you to go and do your own research. Similac’s website is laid out so well and answered all of my questions!

Thank you Similac for sponsoring this post. All comment and opinions are my own.
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