Liam’s Transformers 5th Birthday

Can I just start off by saying that I can’t believe that our little Liam is 5?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was planning his 1st birthday party! (Remember? The NYC Bistro party!) Every year just speeds by faster and faster! Liam’s birthday this year crept up on me so quickly. And to be honest I was actually hesitant to host a birthday party this year. But his excitement on having some cousins and friends over from school quickly changed my mind. I told him that he could choose 7 friends to invite and we’ll make something work. And on that note, he requested a Transformers birthday theme at that! Oh boy, where was I even to begin?

Kids birthday parties can be tricky that way! Especially when they request a very character-themed birthday party! Because my time was limited with planning and I didn’t have much time to shop around for everything “Transformer,” I decided to find a few themed items and the rest I chose based on a matching color scheme… blue it was! Trust me when I say that sticking to a simple color scheme makes planning a character party so much easier!

I also have lots of party supplies that I’ve invested in over the years that I just use over and over. Items such as a water dispenser, cake plates, mason jars with lids (just add a cute straw), crates and candy jars! One of my favorite party hacks is the small silver trays I used for their place settings. I simply just used a disposable food tray lid that you can find at any party store. (You might remember seeing me use them at Liam’s 3rd airplane birthday party too!)

I then ordered a special Transformer cake and cookies from friend Izabela of The Cake Mama. They stole the show and were absolutely delicious!

I’m so happy I decided to quickly plan this special day for Liam. He was so excited all day, and his friends had the greatest time too! It was a relaxed afternoon and completely stress-free. Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet boy!

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