Lillya’s 3rd Cinderella Birthday

Lillya Grace how are you already three??! The moment our sweet Lilly turned three it felt like so much changed overnight. She turned into a little girl, not a toddler… not a baby anymore. As a mom, that shift just pulls on your heart strings. I’m so excited to watch her grow, have little conversations with her, have her help me make dinner and just hang out. But with just a blink of an eye, I ask myself where did my baby go? My heart is excited for her to keep growing and continue to develop her sweet personality and love for life. Because boy does she ever love life, people and a good time.

Just before her third birthday, I had a little date with her on the couch watching the one and only Disney animated Cinderella movie. She instantly fell in love with Cinderella and this beautiful fairytale. If I let her she would have watched it non stop. Cinderella was my favourite princess when I was a little girl, so watching it with her is just the best ever. When I asked her what themed birthday she would like, she instantly screamed “Cinderella!!!”.  “Well, Cinderella it is!” I answered. We both were so excited!

I decided to go with the Cinderella look from the beginning of the movie. Cinderella in her apron and her care for the mice and animals. Lillya loved that part of the move, when they’re in the barn yard singing together. I ordered the cutest little aprons and handkerchiefs for the girls, hand sewn by Lian Handmade. They were the absolute most adorable addition to the party. Each girl’s name was stitched into the apron and it formed part of the take home gift. My newest little niece, Eva also had one with an adorable dress to match. A keep sake from her first birthday party, just the sweetest! (See the photo at the end of this post, you’ll just die.)

For the decor, I kept it quite simple. I transformed our coffee table into a little dining table for the girls. Lian Handmade also offered to make a table cloth to match the theme, which was just beautiful. The little blue chairs were the perfect finishing touch. I rented them from a local company Eclat Decor. Oh and the cake – the sweetest cake and cookies tied it all together which were made by my dear friend Izabela of The Cake Mama.

And lastly, as a super last minute surprise, Cinderella herself was our guest of honour. And oh my goodness what a beautiful (inside and out) Cinderella she was. We were all blown away, it’s as if she stepped right out of the movie. She sang with girls, played games, read stories and even had a royal coronation for our Lillya. It was truly the most magical day and Lillya was in Cinderella heaven, it was adorable to watch.

I hope you can take some inspiration from this blog post for your girl’s birthday party. She will just love it. Oh and what did we get Lillya for her birthday gift you ask? Yes… her very own Cinderella dress to play dress up and keep her little heart dreaming and imagining.


Aprons, headscarfs, tablecloth: Lian Handmade
Cinderella Princess: Pacific Fairytales
Cookies: The Cake Mama
Chairs : Eclat Decor
Florals: Floralista 

All the other items can be found in the slide bar below.