Lillya’s Big Girl Room

Oh my, am I ever excited about this post! I feel like I’ve been waiting to share this post for ages now! As you might have seen and heard our little Lillya Grace has officially transitioned into a big girl’s room! I honestly couldn’t wait!!! Her nursery (see here) was one of my favourite rooms in the house so I knew it was going to be easy to make a few switches (from crib to twin bed etc).

From the help of our friends and Serena & Lily, this switch was not only exciting but a breeze! When planning I hoped that the furniture I choose would have to last for the next 5-10 years. I was ready to invest in pieces that were not only beautiful but well made. I also wanted to them to feel timeless, where I could just switch out accessories, bedding, toys etc. The bed might just be my favourite. It is stunning and SO worth the investment. Even Troy commented how well made and heavy the wood was when he was putting it together. You might have noticed that I had to switch out the reading nook chair, it sadly didn’t fit in the space with the bed taking up more room. But I found the perfect replacement over at The Cross Design, which complimented the room oh so perfectly! So cute right?

Many of you have been asking when we transitioned Lillya from her crib. I have to say that she was so ready and understood the concept of a big bed. She showed interest and attempted to climb out of the crib. This was my sign that we needed to make the switch. This was around 22 months. We decided to take one of the railings off of her crib, which essentially turned it into a toddler bed with a little side rail to help her not fall out. (This is the crib we had for her.) Then, shortly after her second birthday when we traveled to Hawaii, she and Liam slept in the same bed on our trip. She did so great! This led us to be confident it was time to make the switch! I really think each child is different. But start looking for signs starting from 20-24 months! The hatch baby nightlight, sound machine, and sleeping aid has been a great help too, we love it!

Also, click on over to The Every Mom to see a full feature and interview answering more questions about this switch and sharing my tips and tricks for your kid’s rooms! Please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll answer any other questions.


Photographed by Tracey Ayton
Florals by Floralista