Lipstick Jungle

Happy Monday! It’s a great day to put on some bright lipstick and tackle the busy week ahead! Today I thought I would share some of my favourite lipstick shades! I do love the bring colours, but some how always draw back to the more neutrals of my lipstick jungle! {As you can tell by the shaping of the below lipsticks!}

As much as I love searching for a new lipstick shade, I always find it easier to ask “What lipstick are you wearing?!”.  I get totally lost with all the bazillion shades lined up right next to one another at the cosmetic counter! SO, that being said! I wanted to share my favourites, to make your lipstick shopping a tad bit easier!

1. MAC- Shy Girl
2. MAC- Snob
3. MAC- Creme D’Nude
4. MAC- Lady Danger
5. MAC- Girl About Town
6. NARS- Belle De Jour
7. NARS- Love Devotion
8. CHANEL- Lipshine
9. REVLON- Blase Apricot
10. REVLON- Siren
11. REVLON- Persian Melon
12. MAYBELLINE- Coral Crush

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