Lots to Love

I can hardly believe Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away! I always look forward to this lighthearted holiday, it brings such a touch of fun to the winter season. Whether you’re picking up a thoughtful gift for the love of your life, your kids, or your friends, this sweet guide is full of items I love—and they’ll love, too.

It’s hard to go wrong with a cozy cream sweater and matching sneakers. The warm tones and old-school charm of the sneakers make them great for activewear but also for casual days. Pair it with this cute crossbody bag in rose. If you’re looking for something on the dressier side, the soft pattern and petite ruffles make this dress a romantic dream. A cute set of silky loungewear is also an appreciated gift. I love the subtle white hem on this pair.

February weather can be tough on skin, so opting for bath and skincare gifts is an easy way to add a little luxury and care. This coconut milk bath soak is an indulgent treat, and I swear by this lip sleeping mask. Add in a MH room candle for the ultimate evening of relaxation. With elevated scents of fig, vanilla, and cotton, Fig Grove is the ideal blend of warm and delicate.

I couldn’t help adding in this heart-shaped waffle maker. My kids adore their individual waffle makers, and they have so much fun getting to help make breakfast with us. It’s not just for kids though, it’s perfect for anyone with a serious sweet tooth.

Lots of love to you this Valentine’s Day.

 Oh – and don’t forget to pick up a card!

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