magenta me crazy!

Happy Tuesday! I’m back from Vacation and back in action! We had a great vacation, definitely soaked up some sun but happy to be back home! Wow, what a weather change though! It’s cold and rainy here in Vancouver.  For the first time I’m actually excited  for chilly days! I’ve missed the fall look, I’m so ready for it now! My favourite look for fall is all the playful magenta, paired with maroons, blacks and beiges! It’s so warm and sophisticated AND flirty! I love it, don’t you? You’ll see lots of designers playing with this color combo this season!

It’s good to be back! I’m excited for what’s to come this month!

1. Early Reservations Dress $67.99
2. Spike the Punch Necklace $36
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Claude Earrings $98
4.  Tory Burch Cosmetic Case $55
5.  SCAR Cut out Platforms $130
6. Essie Carry On Nail Color $8
6. Essie Case Study Nail Color $8