Maternity Shoot… Baby No. 3

I can’t believe we are now officially into JUNE!!! This is a big month for our family, we’ll be welcoming our sweet baby number three in less than three weeks! My pregnancy went by so quickly, yet I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever. Overall, I’ve had a great pregnancy. To be honest, I’ve kept busy and have been occupied with work, family days and some travel to make it a memorable and special time.

Despite being sooooo tired in my first trimester (beyond tired, more than with my first two), I’ve just kept going along with life. I’ve been gentle on my body, yet conscious of what I eat (treating myself when appropriate!). I’ve been working out my entire pregnancy and am still trying to fit in workouts as it comes to an end. I think the constant exercise has kept my body and mind in a healthy state.  I feel my best after a workout.  Even though it seemed like the biggest hurdle to get to a workout completed, it’s felt so good to keep it up.

I am having a c-section this time. Many of you asked why I’ve decided this route, and the answer is that I didn’t have a choice. My labour with Liam ended up with a pretty intense emergency c-section, I had a c-section with Lillya, and well now… the best decision for my poor uterus and the wellness of my baby is to have another one for this pregnancy. It hasn’t really ever bothered me. I am super nervous about going into the OR, since it’s such a strange experience going into surgery knowing you’re going to be cut open…. (I won’t get to into it…). I’m still feeling anxious and worried that everything will go smoothly, just like any momma about to deliver! I’m praying over my baby, my body and the surgery daily- believing it will all go well! That being said, we are soooooo excited and ready! Not knowing the gender of this baby has us beyond excited to find out what this little babe will be!

We have a few names picked out. Not 100% on any of them yet. It’s hard to commit to a name when you don’t know the gender. Some of you have asked if we are going with another “L” name. As of right now we don’t have any “L” names chosen. We never really planned it to be that way.

Liam and Lillya are so adorably excited to meet this sweet baby. It melts my heart to see their excitement and is quite fascinating to watch as they know change is coming. Lillya especially. She’s been so attached to me, never wanting to leave my side. I’m getting all the cuddles and snuggles from her so I’m soaking it all up!

We have a big few months ahead of us which is now dawning on me. I know we can do it. Troy and I have worked hard on our relationship over the years and always continue to do so.  We are fully on the same page, and I’m so thankful for that. Makes life that much easier amongst moments that feel overwhelming and impossible.

We move out of our house this summer too. Our plans are up in the air with what the next step will look like. Even though I’m feeling the weight on my shoulders, I also feel safe and confident with the days ahead of us. We are incredibly thankful for this season of life. This baby completes our family, leading us into the next chapter in our life. There are so many exciting things happening, which we’ll be sharing as things develop. When baby arrives, I’ll be taking a few weeks off from posting on the blog. The MH team will keep working behind the scenes on the book and organizing future plans. Thank you for all your support and for following along. We’ll continue posting well into June, with a break at the end of the month. xo.

Photos by Jamie Lauren Photography
Hair & Makeup by Eva Terez Beauty


My Dress & Lillya’s Dress: Zara
Bracelets- Leah Alexandra Jewelry
Ring- Leah Alexandra Jewelry
Hat- Free People
Kids Swimsuits- Minnow Swim