MH Crush: Harlowe James

There are many times when I scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and instantly fall in love with an image. I’ll click through to see where it came from only to discover an amazing blogger, designer, chef, etc. The last few months I’ve been totally crushing over Chrissy of Harlowe James. What’s there not to fall in love with, right? Not only is she so sweet, gorgeous and tender-hearted, her work and attention to detail are impeccable! I officially have a new Insta-crush!

Which leads me to an exciting new series we will be working on this year! Every month we are going to share an MH Crush so you too can fall in love with a new account, blogger, woman, mother, designer –whoever she may be! We love the idea of highlighting like-minded women, lifting them up and supporting them in this crazy, overwhelming online community. We’re going to let their photos speak for themselves and show you where to go to get lost in their site, blog or feed. Plus, we’ll give you 10 reasons why we fell in love with them!

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we do! We love supporting other inspirational women, so if you feel like anyone you think we need to know about (or feature), please leave a comment below. We love learning about all the creative women out there who are sharing who they are and what they do so well.

  • 10 Reasons Why We LOVE Chrissy: 

  • 1. Her attention to color, texture and just the right amount of accessories in her home decor.
  • 2. She’s gorgeous inside and out! Watch her stories and you’ll see what I mean!
  • 3. Her love for flowers, books, and soft linens.
  • 4. Her easy-yet-fabulous recipes on her blog.
  • 5. We love her unique eye for interior design.
  • 6. She’s a California girl! And everyone needs to love at least one! 
  • 7. Her love for travel and culture.
  • 8. She always has a great woven basket in sight.
  • 9. Her effortless relaxed, yet super on-trend style!
  • 10. Her beauty for life simply shines from the inside out!