MH Crush: Lynne Knowlton

Today we wanted to share our MH Crush for May: Lynne Knowlton! We absolutely adore her. A fellow Canadian girl from the East Coast! She is funny, kind and has an amazing sense of style —  have you checked out her treehouse yet? We hope you all head over to her little part of the internet to see and follow her amazing work. Below you’re sharing 10 reasons why we love her!

10 Things We Love About Lynne:

  1. 1. Not only do she and her husband have a beautiful farmhouse a couple hours outside of Toronto, but they also have an airstream, treehouse, and cabin on the property, which are available to rent and look AH-mAzing! One day I will get out there to visit. Until now I can just admire her amazing photos. (P.S. If you’re looking into this, make reservations now for next year as this place books up quickly — for obvious reasons.)

2. She is fantastic at updating older homes’ aesthetics and bringing them back to life with a crisp, refreshing look! Not to mention show inviting she makes everything. It makes you feel right at home! The girl knows what she’s doing.

3. She is funny (actually hilarious!!) and her writing definitely reflects this. You’ll have a good laugh reading some of her blog posts!

4. Her renovation is simply unreal. We especially love the kitchen, updated in white with gold and brass accents and featuring an oh-so-beautiful wood burning stove which stays true to the house’s farmhouse roots. It features the perfect balance of modern and farmhouse.

5. One of our favorite quotes from Lynne: “I’ve learned that done is better than perfect.” What a great mantra and it seems that Lynne is full of them! 

6. She is so down to earth and such a great kind-hearted soul. Online and in person! 

7. Lynne is real and honest and shared her journey as a wife and mother and is open about her husband’s health issues. She is definitely a source of encouragement and support to others going through similar circumstances.

8. She is an avid knitter and so creative. Her chunky blankets are definitely something we would love to wrap around us on a cold winter’s night.

9. Lynne is the sweetest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. Think instant friend — funny, caring and charismatic to boot. 

10. She’s a mother we could all look up to! We love how she shares her family life — honestly and humbly. Nothing better. She’s been through thick and thin as a mother and wife and we adore her honesty in it all.