monday bliss.

Ahhh, it’s Monday. And not any other Monday, but a Monday after a long weekend! (Well except for our neighbours down south who have today off! HAPPY 4th OF JULY!) Now for us fellow Canadians, it’s back to work we go!

This morning I feel like a tea, probably my morning coffee right after that, but right now a tea sounds nice. Especially after I found this one, “Get Gorgeous” by The Republic of Teas.  A collection of teas that are perfect for any type of mood! Other names include, ‘Get it going’, ‘Get Charged’, ‘Get heart’ also very appropriate for a Monday morning! I found these in an organic market just outside of Seattle this weekend. Maybe all of you lovely Americans already know about this tea inside and out! But this was my first encounter! I’m in love!

Each tea has something special about it to be true to it’s name. “Get Gorgeous” for example, has everything to do with clear skin.  It’s organic rooibos-based naturally caffeine free tea blend is brimming with antioxidants your skin needs! The tea bag is also filled with orange peel, hibiscus flower, chamomile flower, Red clover flower, chaste berry and burdock root. And oh my word does it ever taste yummy!

Hope this cup of tea helps you have a lovely monday! Go ahead, pick out a tea that will make your monday morning! (Yes coffee is still on the menu!)

Mon xo