Monday ELLEments

It’s Monday, I’m sure you  have a nice big cup of coffee in hand! Before my Monday morning coffee gets cold, I like to flip through either my daily devotional book by Joyce Meyer, the newspaper, or my current coffee table book that is on display! I thought I would share one of my favourite coffee table books with you, this lovely morn! “The ELLEments of Personal Style” is a fabulous book to quickly flip through when you only have 5 minutes to spare. Though I won’t lie, you could spend hours reading about the amazing world of fashion and making it personal to your own. Everything form learning how to put the perfect outfit together, to discovering the ELLEments of Costume desiner Janie Bryant,  TV producer Katherine Pope, Actress Olivia Wilde, just to name a few! This book is packed with glorious photos from the lives of our favourite style icons and tons of inspiration to create your own ELLEment of Personal Style. You won’t be disappointed I promise! Happy Monday!