My Must-Haves For Baby

Alright, my friends, here it is! My must-haves for baby… new and old favourites! I’ve had so many of you asking about what stroller, car seats and accessories I recommend for first-time moms and those of you who have been moms for years but need some upgrades for the new baby set to join the family.  With the baby coming soon (very soon!), it only seemed fitting to pull together a list of all of the new and tried and true products I’ll be using for this new little one. And while I’ve got a good long list, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s not comprehensive!

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Soothers: I’m definitely a “soother mom.” That being said, Lilly wouldn’t take one so as much I’m all for using them, it doesn’t always mean babies will like them. I researched different types and am hoping these will work for the baby. I love this old-school looking style with natural rubber from Popy A Tot.  As well as the adorable beaded detail which also works as a teether on the soothers from Ryan and Rose.

Baby Rocker LEVO: I found this not only gorgeous but unique rocker from a French company named Charlie Crane on Instagram. I love the design of this rocker and how beautiful it would look in any room. Started reading reviews and everyone raved so I included it in part of my baby items. Can’t wait to use it!

Bugaboo Fox: I’ve been a loyal Bugaboo momma since Liam was a baby. We have a couple versions: We use the Donkey regularly, which we can turn into a double stroller and added a board for Liam. When we travel, we love to take the Bee. We’re excited to try the brand-new Bugaboo Fox and customize it with a color canopy. I only have good things to say about Bugaboo, they are a dream to stroll with and last for years, looking brand new!

Nuna Leaf: This is another new product we just received and excited to use for the first time. I’ve heard so many great things about these gliders for baby during my prior pregnancies. The Nuna Leaf one is beautiful. And it seriously glides like a dream. ( Tested to be true,  with all the tests Lillya has done with her dollies.) All the reviews say it is a sleeping baby’s dream. Here’s to hoping!

Little Unicorn Swaddles: I’m such a huge fan. I discovered Little Unicorn swaddles when I was pregnant with Lilly, and now they carry all kinds of crib sheets, quilts, changing pad covers, bibs and more. They’re beautifully designed and great quality. I love the idea of using them as keepsakes too. Other swaddle/blankets brands I’m excited to try include the Willaby, Pehr, and ApplKin.

Freshly Picked Moccasins: Again, I have loved Freshly Picked since Liam was little. Both Liam and Lilly have worn FP moccasins and they now carry a newborn size that’s made with super soft leather. These adorable shoes are cute and stay on their feet well!

Knotted Gown: These knotted gowns by Lou Lou and Company are just the cutest. I’ve been waiting to find out the baby’s sex before ordering one. Run, don’t walk — these sell out quickly! Love the buttons down the front. They’re so sweet!

Changing Basket: I love the idea of a changing basket. It’s beautiful, lightweight enough to move it around the house as needed. Keep it downstairs or in the nursery. After baby grows, it can be used to hold toys or stuffed animals. I find this look is so versatile, and would even make a good decor piece when you’re done using it as a changing basket.

Snuggle Me Organic: Love the idea of having a lounger, a safe space for baby to rest that’s easy to move around the house. This Snuggle Me Organic lounger is organic, beautiful cotton. Love the look of it. Haven’t used a lounger with my other two but I’ve heard such great things and can’t wait to give it a try!

Hatch Baby Grow: If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a huge fan of Hatch products! I’m so excited to use their new Baby Grow all in one change table and scale. How amazing is that? I’m so thrilled about it because Liam and Lillya both had acid reflux and having them gain weight was such a challenge. Because I had to take them in daily to have them weighed, this will be such a game changer for me. If we happen to run into the same issues with this sweet baby, it will for sure ease my mind!

K’Pure Keep Going Spray: It’s nice to have a few new things for yourself. I’m planning to keep this spray in the nursery to give myself a pick me up as necessary (and when coffee isn’t enough). As an added bonus, she’s local too.

Car Seat: Five years have gone by and we need a new car seat. Our previous one was great but heavy. This super soft Maxi Cosi seat is safe and lighter than others. And it’s compatible with the Bugaboo!

Baby Bjorn Play Yard Light: Again, a new item we’re upgrading because our last one, while great, was super heavy. With more kids to juggle, we need lighter gear. This BABYJBORN play yard, that we got from West Coast Kids is small and light, great for traveling. Many people I know have used it and loved it.

Baby Monitor: I love having a camera monitor so I can keep an eye on the baby whenever necessary. I especially like the idea of a wide-angle lens to get a good full view of the nursery or by their bassinet. This one by Vtech is my absolute favourite it even has an app to view recordings on my phone or tablet so you can check in on your little ones!