My Bump Style

Happy Monday! So many of you mommies-to-be have been asking about my “bump style” and where I have been shopping for maternity wear!

Quite honestly, the phrase “maternity wear” scared me and I wanted to avoid it by all means! I didn’t want to spend the extra money on clothes that I won’t wear in the near future. BUT, I laugh now- being 7 & a half months pregnant, I’m starting to realize that I really have NOTHING to wear (meaning nothing fits) and I need some desperate help from the maternity department! Again, I didn’t want to spend too much $$, so I only invested in items that I know would work for my next pregnancy and items I could still wear after baby boy comes. I certainly can’t forget the need to feel pampered with new nail polish shades, a candle that would help me relax, some great books and lottts of accessories!

Hope you mommies-to-be can relate!

My favourite places to shop in Vancouver??
Try TOPSHOP Maternity at The Hudson’s Bay Co. & Rebecca Bree Boutique for some serious comfy Zoe Karssen T’s and sweatshirts!


1. Black Maxi Dress | Tart Collections $142
2.  Oh la la T | Zoe Karssen
3.  Kiss the Future T | Zoe Karssen
4.  Lace Front Blouse | TOPSHOP $76
5.  Boyfriend Lacey Jeans | TOPSHOP $84
6.  Ganado Fringe Scarf | $12
7.  Supersoft Skinny Jeans | TOPSHOP $72
8.  Alphabet Coin Bracelet | $60
9.  Diptyque Candle | $60
10.  Essie Nail Polish Snap Happy & She’s Pampered $8
11.  Black Reva Flats | Tory Burch $225
12.  Ballerina flat with Ankle Strap | $89.90
13.  Bringing Up Bebe | $18