My Closet Tour

When I started envisioning my closet, I wanted it to be equally functional as it was inviting. Just off the master bath, it’s quickly become a space where I can feel inspired and take my time getting ready. Feminine details, touches of brass, and sentimental pieces bring a relaxed and comfortable feel without sacrificing that touch of glam I love. 

The closet is a blend of open shelving and closed-door areas, allowing me to highlight beautiful pieces and tuck away bulkier items that don’t display as well. As a lover of dresses, I included glass doors where my dresses hang so my favourite pieces are still visible, and I have a few designer purses out that double as a nice display.

Storage space was an important design aspect for me. To keep the room as organized as possible, everything has to have its place. I opted for including storage baskets up top, which not only keeps items off the floor, but also lends a boutique-feel to the space. I also have drawers for my jewelry, bras, and underwear, so I can find everything easily. The tallboy dresser is where I store my comfy clothes, like sweatsuits and athletic wear.


Although I had a clear vision of what my closet would look like, Steph Pollard from California Closets was so knowledgeable about what would work and what made sense for the space. She made the practical process so seamless and suggested details like double gables to give the room a more substantial and built-in look. Including the appropriate sizing and spacing for long coats and dresses and even took into consideration the spacing for what kind of hangers I wanted to use! We added our own brass hardware and rods to match the rest of the hardware in the closet. 


In addition, we used custom millwork in the corner where the shoe shelves are and added grasscloth wallpaper behind the shelving for extra warmth and depth. The open shelving is great for ensuring my shoes are organized and makes getting ready a little easier. My favourite detail in this area has to be the round fringed ottoman. Traditional and elegant, it perfectly grounds the space. The long upholstered bench is also a functional design element. Everything fell into place perfectly! 

Lighting for the closet is cozy and adds to the relaxed atmosphere. The brass sconce with a linen shade in the alcove is perfect for mood lighting, and I like to keep the small lamp on top of the tallboy dresser on throughout the day so the space is already welcoming when I walk in. For central lighting, the pendant in the middle of the room has a linen drum for bright but muted lighting. When designing with California Closets we also included remote controlled lighting for my dress closet behind the glass doors, it adds such a romantic glow. 

The alcove near the entrance of the closet is where I have framed family pictures, my perfume, special jewelry boxes, and candles. I recommend including pieces like this in your own closet to give it an inviting and personalized feel. The other sentimental item in my closet is the framed Hermès scarf above the dresser. The perfect ode to fashion, the scarf was a gift from my mom in my mid 20s and has travelled its way through each of our different homes. I love that it’s found it’s new home in my closet space. 

The backdrop of the alcove is a woven grasscloth wallpaper that has almost a basket weave texture–it’s feminine without being too stiff. On nights when I’m getting ready to go out, I like to light a candle or turn on the wall lamp in the alcove and create that comfortable ambiance that sets the tone for the evening. 

This closet space has brought me a lot of unexpected joy to design and style. The best part is that Lillya loves to come in and sit with me while I get ready, trying on my jewelry as we spend time chatting together. She loves the space as much as I do, and it’s these quintessential moments that make the space so memorable. I absolutely loved working with the California Closets Vancouver team, Steph Pollard who helped bring my vision to life through her knowledge of closet design was a dream. I’m so thrilled with how it all came together! Now, if I can only keep it this pretty and tidy for the days to come! 

Photography: Janis Nicolay

Closet Design & Build: California Closets Vancouver
Closet Design: Steph Pollard
Styling and Design: Monika Hibbs

Knobs : Monika Hibbs Home
Pulls: Monika Hibbs Home
Upholstered Bench: Monika Hibbs Home (Email to inquire) 
Ottoman: Monika Hibbs Home
Chandelier: Monika Hibbs Home
Wall Light: Monika Hibbs Home
Tallboy Dresser: Monika Hibbs Home
Mini Table Lamp: Monika Hibbs Home
Mirror: Monika Hibbs Home
Custom Shoe shelves: ESQ Design
Wool Carpet: Colin Campbell Carpets

All Accessories and Decor: Monika Hibbs Home