My top 5 Instagram-ers

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share and brag about some of my favourite people to follow. And by follow I mean completely stock on Instagram! The most addictive app known to the iphone/ipad/itouch world! A few of my favourite bloggers have been posting their top favourites, and I fell in love with the idea! So today, on this slow moving Monday I’m going to share my top 5 Instagram-ers! (In no particular order)

Julia of Gal Meets Glam Blog– Not only does she have a gorgeous face, but everything she captures is fresh, lovely and completely fashion forward. How perfect are those floral pants!? You’ll want to get your hands on everything Julia instargams!

Erin Ireland, Vancouver foodie and creator of the most amazing banana bread you will ever put in your mouth! It’s To Die For! Erin is always on the hunt for the most amazing foods in the city. She’ll let you know everything from where the Juice Truck is, to where you’ll find her amazing banana bread next- deep fried, in a smoothy, or cooking next to some delicious bacon! Mmmm, your taste buds will love you forever!

Oh Glitter Guide, what’s there not to love!!? The most trending online newsletter on the internet! The Glitter Girls post everything sparkly, cheerful and full of glitter of course! They are nothing short of making you feel all warm inside! Lets just call them “the crack of instagram”!- Said in the most girly way possible! Lots of love, champagne, jewels, macarons, balloons and beautiful smiles!

Okay, I have to admit that Coco Rocha is my absolute favourite to follow on instagram! Not only is she my favourite model when it comes to high fashion photography and the runway- her amazing humour and unbelievable talent just shines through on instagram! Every photo is fun, down to earth and has its own “wow” factor every time! The girl is amazing! Why not get a little sneak peek into her “behind the camera” life!

Lauren is the amazingly beautiful blonde behind the Lauren Elan Collection. She will keep you up to day with her newest arm candy and gorgeous new jewellery. You’ll be inspired by her outfit collages, yummy food, joy for fitness and a perfect hair style here and there! Beware: You might get pulled in to buying from her collection! Always a good thing!