Neon and Animal

2 ‘buy’ 2! When you fall in love with an item do you buy every single color it comes in??  Well, I always buy in 2’s. Doesn’t leave me feeling broke… rather extra excited that I get to go home with two!!! My latest ‘double’ purchase were these cute note books I found at Chapters… on sale for $5!!! I know!! I should have probably bought more! But two is good! 🙂 I was lured in with the cute little sayings on the front cover! “Shopaholics I Met And Liked” and “Designers I Met And I liked”,  adorable!  You can never have enough cute note books, right?

Another two of my new favourite items are obviously animal print! Scrunchies are back! …I think.  I wore this one in my hair the other night with a bright coral dress and black blazer, it brought a little sass to my outfit! I got so many compliments, so it worked!  And the bangle! This was an amazing find! Price check on the Zebra bangle in isle 2 at target! $13!!!! SOLD!

Note Books: – Ingo/Chapters Sale $5
Leopard Scrunchie- H&M  $2
Zebra Bangle- Target $13