NSale Straight To The Point

As you probably have noticed all over social media and your favourite blogs the #Nsale sale is well on it’s way. I wasn’t planning on doing a huge post on what to buy and the best deals simply because as you know this isn’t really my thing. However, I have received many messages asking what I would recommend in terms of investment pieces or re-buying. I decided to share my top seven items from the sale and why. Items that I either use almost every day and are worth every penny. As well as a couple of items that I plan to purchase. So here it is, short and sweet. Hope it helps you narrow down your finds. One tip that I’ll share is, don’t over buy. Purchase things that you need or need to replace… in my opinion less is more.

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1.) Beauty Blender
My all time favourite foundation + makeup blending tool/ sponge. It’s the easiest and fastest way to apply your foundation and makeup, resulting in a flawless finish. I’ve tried so many different brushes and nothing compares to the Beauty Blender. Worth replacing for a new one or stocking up for the months to come.

2.) Over The Knee Boot 
I own these over the knee black boots, (in the flat version). I love them. They are worth the splurge. I think I wore them almost every day last fall and winter. They still look brand new and look great with a casual or dressed up outfit. I’m tempted to purchase this chunky heel version. Truth be told, since we are building the house and working on the launch of the store, I’m going to hold off. But they’re on my wish list for sure.

3.) Curling Iron 
This is the one! I’m not the best at curling my hair. I’ve tried curling with a straightening iron (especially since cutting my hair short.) I have to say that my T3 curling iron has proven it’s self for almost three years now. It’s great for a half curl/ wave or a bouncy ringlet. My curly will hold for at least two days. I highly recommend it.

4.) Diptique Candles
One of my favourite candle brands for years now. You’ll see them scattered throughout my house. I love the classic scents and they serve as great decor pieces too. A great gift to consider for birthdays, house warming gifts or even Christmas. A great item to add to your cart.

5.) Black Leather Bootie
If there is one item that I look for every Nordstrom Anniversary Sale it’s a new bootie that will lead me into fall and winter. This one caught my eye right away. I love the slit on each side and the height of the heel. I haven’t tried these on yet. But from many reviews I’ve seen they are a good fit. I’ll be ordering these. Fingers crossed.

6.) Bra
Ahhh, the bra game. Okay, I won’t lie. I hate bra shopping. Avoid it when I can and just blah, don’t like it. Till this bra by Spanx came into my life. I looooove it so much. It’s comfortable, supportive and looks great with a t-shirt, blouse or dress. It’s closure is in the front leaving the back extra comfortable with it’s stretching back band. Almost feels like you’re wearing a sport’s bra based on comfort, but not at all based on look. Read some more reviews if you’re not yet convinced, but it’s a winner in my books.

7.) Lash Serum 
This lash serum has been so good to my lashes. Over the years I’ve had friends rave about it, so right after I had Lillya I gave it a go. I’ve loved it. I have really short and delicate lashes. I do get lash extensions put on every once in a while, but worry that they ruin my lashes too. Therefore I apply this serum on when I have my lash extensions on to give them strength as well as in-between lash applications for growth and strength. One of my top picks for beauty.