Obakki through my eyes.

Last week I attended the Obakki fashion show, magnificently displaying their F/W 11 Line at St. Andrew Wesley Church in Vancouver.
The  church was packed with Vancouver’s most stylish fashionistas awaiting the beautiful collection! The music and candle light set the mood to what was a high impact, yet a very majestic show! Fabrics were delicate, with lots of movement, as well as bold pieces stapling the vibe accordingly to Obakki’s classic appeal. Here are a few photos that I was able to snap from my seat, as well as photos (tilted) taken by Peter Jensen. It was a fantastic show! Thank you Obakki!

It was so fun to catch up some of my favourite  Vancouver Bloggers! From left Laura Beth from laurabethcotter.com, Alicia from Alicia Fashionista, myself, Alexandra from To Vogue Or Bust, Jen from Her Waise Choice, Lisa from Solo Lisa and Mina from Faboulista!

Photo taken from  Her Waise Choice

Have a look at the Obakki Foundation. All proceeds of the night went straight to the amazing cause! Have a look at the video! You’ll love it! It’s so moving!