off to NYC

Well the day has come…VERY quickly! The girls are off to NYC- for a fun filled extra extra long weekend! It’s 2:22 am and I’m running around trying to finish everything off! I have to leave my house house in 2.5 hours and I haven’t even packed yet! Lets just say it’s been a VERY busy week! I’m almost done! Almost time to relax and enjoy the honking horns of NYC… plus all the shopping of course!

Normally when I travel I have everything researched and know where to eat, know what to see, know where to go! Now, I have been to New York once before. But I feel like there is so much to see and do- no matter how many times you’ve been! I didn’t get much research done this time around! SO, I thought I would ask all of you! Any suggestions that my little travel book might not have?

I would love to know you’re favourite restaurant, or little boutique on the corner of somewhere beautiful! Let us know! I’ll be sure to be checking my comments!

Thanks in advance from all 6 of us! xo

Photo taken from Pinterest