Oh The Places You Will Go…

With all of this gray weather – and snow! – I’ve been daydreaming about new places to go. (Preferably warm ones, too.) The travel bug has bitten me hard! Scrolling through Pinterest is dangerous when I’m in this mood. It’s full of plenty of gorgeous travel inspiration! Here’s my current list of where I’d like to go…

Give me the pristine beaches and crystal-clear water, fresh seafood and ocean air, I’m ready for it! I also really want to see the pink sand beach.

Lush green landscapes and bold colours draw me to Miami. South Beach, Little Havana – there are so many neighbourhoods and places I want to explore! Plus, there’s plenty to do with kids.

There’s something so mysterious and alluring about Morocco. I love the idea of exploring the markets and bartering for great home finds, along with a desert tour. And, of course, I need to go to Casablanca.

Staying on Muskoka is one of my life goals. All the design photos I see are gorgeous. It’s like the Hamptons of Canada. I’d love to rent a cabin on the lake. I picture us kicking back and putting our feet up while spending lots of time splashing around in the water and enjoying the stunning views.

Charleston is charismatic, colourful and charming.  From what I can see, all the buildings have so much character, and I’d love to wander through the cobblestone streets and the French Quarter.

Have you been to any of these places? Is there anything you’d recommend? What’s on your dream travel list? I’d love to know!

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