Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo, sigh… I thought you’ve already reached the ‘top of the top’ of the Style Icon list!  But these photos (Mexico Vogue April ’11)  have taken you to a whole new level! Doesn’t she look stunning?? And the dresses!! Wow, I really have no words, WOW.

Maxi dresses and skirts are really hitting it big again this spring/summer! What’s not to love? They’re comfortable,  amazing feeling the breeze blow through them, and now they’ve given me inspiration to take fun flirty photos in them! Okay, well maybe we’ll leave that to Olivia.

I’ve found some of my favourite maxi dresses right now, inspired by the strong 70’s trend this sunny season! Enjoy!


1. Floral Print Cape Maxi Dress $145
2. Rose Print Sleeveless Maxi Dress $160
3. Snake Chiffon Dress $24
4. Floral Maxi Dress $14.99
5. Batik Sailor Dress $299
6. Maiden Dress $395