Our Homework Room!

Welcome to our homework room! I walk in to this room every single day. And it makes me smile every time, regardless if I have to clean up a mess or not, it’s become a much loved space in our home. The best part is that the kids love it, and that makes me love it even more. Having a clean and creative space for my kids was absolutely a must in our home. In our last home, we had a playroom for our kids just off of the kitchen and I knew I wanted to have a spot for them in our new home that could grow with their needs. Separate from our media and playroom upstairs, this room is where my kids can gather and do homework, colour or paint, and find all their craft supplies in one place and of course play! They love this room and I wanted it to feel comfortable and like their own space. From little touches of their personalities, to design elements that can grow with them.


Since Blake is a toddler, Lilly is in kindergarten, and Liam is in second grade, I wanted to keep
this room neutral so it could adapt and change as they grow. The little play kitchen is such a
sweet addition and it looks so nice against the wall, just off our main kitchen which is fun. Great for any age, the kids spend hours playing with it and it’s fun for them to be able to play kitchen while Troy and I are putting meals together and can still supervise them. My go to for beautiful toys and play units such at this darling kitchen is Pottery Barn Kids. I’ve been not only a loyal, but happy mom customer since Liam was little. Their toys and furniture not only stand the test of time, but look beautiful too!

Near the play kitchen is a little round craft table with chairs for the kids to sit down and do
crafts together. It’s an area for them to play and get creative where I don’t have to worry about
pencils and crayons on my kitchen table. I love this charming set (again) from Pottery Barn Kids that I can change or adjust when they’re older. The kids use it every single day. I love how it brings the room together from play to creative crafts and of course home work assignments. It’s the perfect marriage between both sides of the room.

I also chose sided library shelving for the kids to display all their favourite books that they’re
currently reading. Exposed bookshelf ledges add an element of artwork to the room, and so many kids’ books have beautiful illustrated covers that add warmth and interest to your walls. It’s such a simple way to finish off a empty wall.

The inset builtin homework space includes an extended desk for Liam and Lilly with drawer storage
for worksheets and school items. I’ve added one of my all time favourite light sconces to ensure they have enough lighting at each desk space, and floating shelves to keep track of books and binders. My DIY linen pinboard above their desk displays their artwork and school reminders. Liam and Lilly love adding their art to it and being able to see what they’re working on.

Our “I AM” print is one of my favourite decor pieces in this room. I read it out to them, to reming them how special and unique they are, giving them confidence to get through their day! It’s available to print over on our Digital Studio in two colors! You can find it here.

For the wallpaper in the room, we chose a soft muted plaid that corresponds with our cabinetry
colours. It’s a neutral colour that’s both timeless and goes well with our home colours. As much
as I love this wallpaper, it’s sadly been discontinued (why do companies do that?) but I’ve
sourced a similar one here.

Cabinetry Color: Cornwall Slate SW9131 by Sherwin Williams
Cabinets Pulls & Knobs in Unlacquered  Brass. 

Less is more in my opinion, and I’m a big fan of easy storage solutions. I’ve incorporated traditional pegs on the wall for the kids’ backpacks, market bags, and other miscellaneous items I want kept off
the floor. It’s also a nice way to display Lillya’s pretty baskets and market bags, adding a personal touch to the decor. Woven baskets in the corner of the room are perfect for their toys. I tend to donate extra toys when I notice too much clutter, and baskets help me see what the kids are still playing with.

I can’t forget about these statement antique doors from Paris that lead into the room. I purchased them before we even started building our house. Funny enough, I wasn’t even thinking about using them in our home, rather initially chose them for our barn. Long story short, they were too narrow for where I had hoped to install them in the barn. I love that they open into the homework room because they are breathtaking visual from our kitchen area. With brass Emteck Hardware door handles bringing them to life again.

I’m so happy with how this room turned out and even happier that the kids love and use it so
often. It’s such a versatile space and I know it’ll be a favourite spot of theirs for years to come. Stephanie and myself has such a fun time designing and dreaming up this homework room, making it perfect for today and the for the years to come.

Photography: Kristy Ryan
Interior Design: Together with Stephanie Jean Design 
Custom Built in desk and shelving: ESQ Design
Custom Roman Shade: Window Works

Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Play Kitchen: Pottery Barn Kids
Play Table & Chairs: Pottery Barn Kids
White Book Shelf Ledges: Pottery Barn Kids
Wooden Shopping Cart: Pottery Barn Kids
Play Kitchen Toys & Accessories: Pottery Barn Kids
Store Basket: Pottery Barn Kids
Prints: MH Digital Studio
Wallpaper (similar): MH Home
Desk Chairs : MH Home 
Glass Canisters: MH Home 
Desk Wall Sconces: MH Home
Stay True Banner: MH Home