Our Landscape Design

With the beginning of fall planting season here, I’ve received lots of questions about the plants we planted around my house and yard and how we planned out our home’s landscape design. When Troy and I started thinking about the elements we wanted to incorporate into our garden, it was important that the landscaping reflected the style of our home and everything we loved about it: classic elements, a sense of timelessness, symmetry, and consistency. We implemented the technique of species planting, creating rows and rows of one species, to get clean lines and a wow effect along with an abundant look.

I look to Monrovia for inspiration when it comes to the staple elements in our landscaping plants as they carefully cultivate incredible varieties that grow and bloom quickly and beautifully. Many will agree, that the results are what you hope for: lush, consistent, and high quality plants.

Let’s start with the framework. Boxwood shrubs are a great choice for our low hedging to get a clean perimeter line around flower beds. We ended up planting them just about everywhere on the property: in the front, backyard, and around the house. To get this look, their Green Tower® and Petite Pillar™ boxwoods work perfectly for creating a hedge with rich evergreen foliage and consistent growth. While it can take a few years to establish a hedge look when trimmed, both of these boxwoods give a substantial effect right away. Right out of an English garden that we all love and I personally strive for.

Near the hydrangeas and along the flowerbeds we planted traditional Provence French lavender. These shrubs grow quite quickly and bloom twice in the summer. After the first-bloom trim, they bloom again coming into the fall. Not only are they wonderfully fragrant with a beautiful garden ambiance, they keep mosquitoes away! Not to mention your abundant harvest with endless options: baking, bath DIY’s and so much more.

White roses were a must as part of our garden design. We chose shrub roses for their easy care and how well they complement the lavender and hydrangeas. The Grace N’ Grit™ white shrub roses bloom all summer and require little maintenance beyond clipping to ensure they don’t overgrow, another great choice to get a similar look would be the Nitty Gritty™ White Rose too.

While boxwoods, lavender, and roses are the base of our landscaping design, I also add seasonal flowers alongside them. Having a consistent landscape throughout the season makes it easy to mix and match in between. I plant Tulips, Daffodils for the spring, Peonies, Cosmos, Queen Ann’s Lace for endless summer blooms, and Dahlias for late summer and early fall and hydrangeas for added fullness. I also like to bring in flower baskets in the summer, and garden roses are the perfect complement to my flower garden.

If you’re curious what plants will work best in your garden, Monrovia offers a wide selection online and there Plantfinder tool is extremely helpful. Make sure to go out and check your local garden center for Monrovia plants to add to your space.

Thank you to Monrovia for sponsoring this post. All opinions and views are my own