Our Trip To Maui

We recently got back from our family vacation to one of our favourite spots in the world, Maui! We typically go around springtime, when the rain is non-stop in Vancouver and everyone is craving some much-needed sunshine. The last few years we’ve been going back to the same spot in Hawaii because we just love it so much. This time we travelled with my sister, her husband, our nephew and my mom over Easter. It was so much fun having all of us together and of course, my mom was the biggest help and let us escape for a few date nights too. Family really is the best.

We decide to stay at the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui for half of our trip. We’ve typically liked to split up our trip into two; two different spots on the island. Kaanapali which is super kid-friendly and with lots of places to see (restaurants, shopping, etc) as well as Wailea, my favourite spot since it’s a bit slower paced and relaxing. Our hotel of choice is always the Fairmont Kea Lani over the past few years. The resort was originally recommended by numerous family and friends when we first researching travelling to Maui as a family, we were intrigued to visit, and since then they have never disappointed. Whenever we visit I receive so many questions from all of you, so I thought I would walk you through some of our vacation and what we love about the resort too! Below you’ll see an array of snaps from our trip as well as a handful of answers to questions you all have been asking. Hope this helps you plan your next Maui trip.

1. “What part Maui do you think is most kids friendly?”

  1. I think the island of Maui is generally very family and kid friendly, there are families everywhere! We like to stay in both Kaanapali and Wailea, as I mentioned above splitting up our trip into two areas. Kaanapali has an area called Whaler’s Village which is great for shopping and has lots of restaurants. There is a nice wide beach and great boardwalk along the beach. It can get quite busy though, and that’s one of the reasons we like to switch over to Wailea which is also very family friendly, just a little more relaxed. There is also a gorgeous path along the water that connects all the hotels, perfect for a morning run or an afternoon walk with the stroller. I’ve heard many people say that out of all the Hawaiian islands Maui is the best for families.

2. “What are your favourite restaurants?”

Oh my goodness, there are so many amazing restaurants in Maui, SO many!!! Can I just start off by saying that we love room service!!? Amazing food brought straight to your room, especially at breakfast time. These photos don’t lie and the Fairmont Kea Lani does it so well. It’s always a nice way to start the day on a large patio looking over the ocean. We also love Ko which is one of the restaurants on the property, even if you’re not staying at the resort it’s a great one to come visit for dinner the food is incredible.

Other restaurants we love around Maui: Leoda’s Pie Shop, Aloha Mixed Plate, The Hula Grill, Monkey Pod Kitchen, Mama’s Fish House, Flat Bread Company and Fleetwood’s on Front Street.

3.” Does your family like to say by the pool or visit different beaches on the island?”

I would say both!! Though the kids typically always want to start off at the pool, they also love to play in the sand and build sand castles so we make time to visit lots of the different beaches on the island too. The pool at the Fairmont has an array of activities for the kids, including powered jet motors that Liam was obsessed with and then, of course, the large slide which the kids would go non stop down! I personally love the beach, I find it so relaxing and easier to keep on eye on the kids while they play in the sand.

4. “What are your favourite beaches to visit on Maui?”

We definitely have our favourites! If we are leaving the resort for a day or half day trip you’ll find us at one of these beaches:

Baby Beach– So great for the kids, very calm with shallow water.
Ho‘okipa Beach– If you want to see turtles or a lot of surfing have a quick stop by.
Baldwin Beach Gorgeous beach especially if you’re looking to take photos, this beach has big waves though.
Kaanapali BeachAmazing long and wide beach. Great for the kids and if you love long walks!
Makena BeachGreat for swimming and snorkelling.
Keawakapu Beach I love this beach, especially because the kids love exploring in the tide pools.

5. “What is your favourite activity to do as a family outside of the resorts?”

Any sailing boat trip! Whether you’re visiting during whale watching season or just going for a sunset sail it’s always so memorable. If your kids are a little bit older then of course snorkelling would be a great experience too. It’s such a gorgeous and relaxing adventure to take the kids on. And the photos are always stunning!

6. “Do you recommend any kid and baby friendly beaches?”

Yes, my two favourites are Baby Beach (see photo above) and Keawakapu Beach.

7. “How do you keep your kids busy on a long flight and how do you deal with your kids and the time change difference?”

This is a tough one. And to tell you the truth it’s really hit or miss, especially depending on what flight you’re on. I prefer the day flights over the red-eye flights. I pack lots of healthy snacks, activities, colouring books and make sure our iPad is loaded with a couple of games and movies. Some of the flights don’t have t.v.’s so I make sure to have back up and always download the airline’s app on our smart devices so they have some extra movies to choose from. We also travel with Jet-Kids unfolding beds, which they find much comfier to sleep on. If you haven’t checked them out yet they’re a must! Liam is a bit big now, but Lillya and Blake use them on our flights.

8. “Favourite part of the Fairmont, I remember you mentioned a spot on your Instagram stories?”

Yes, we have a favourite spot! Right before you go down to the beach, on the left-hand side there is a little lookout with some chairs. We love taking a meal to go from one of the restaurants or a quick dinner or lunch from the Market. Makes for an easy meal with the kids and the view is incredible.

Liam would say his favourite place is the pool and Lillya would say the Market for ice-cream!!

8. “How long do you recommend to say in Maui for?”

I would always say two weeks is the minimum! Ha! But this is such a personal decision and depends how much time you can take off for your vacation. Troy and I aim to go for two weeks since we can split our trip into two areas on the island. Helps with the time change with the kids too. Though getting up early in Maui is never a problem I live for the 6 am morning walks and runs!