Out In The Yard

Hello, gardening season!!! The sun is shining and it’s warm out there and I can’t stop thinking about how I need to get into the garden and get to work! Have you started planning your garden this year? Not only do I love our outdoor space, but I also absolutely love spending hours outside in the warm sun tending to the garden! I’m so grateful that we have a yard for our kids to run around and play in their playhouse out back. I also love that we created a space that is perfect for entertaining our family and friends on warm summer days and nights.

When we first started planning our landscaping, we really wanted to focus on an area where our family and friends could gather. We chose to do a few main areas that were perfect for either entertaining a large group or just having a few friends over for a small bbq or games night. Those areas are our fire pit, our outdoor fireplace area, and our covered deck. There was lots to plan out, including landscaping areas that included character and an inviting atmosphere.

With all of the outdoor work we love doing each year, we’ve learned that it’s important to “call before you dig.” Gas lines and other utilities aren’t buried nearly as deep as you’d expect and it’s wise to make sure you don’t create more problems for yourself while pulling everything together. It’s easy to figure out: All you have to do is click or call before you dig. You can call BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 or visit their website to request more information and obtain a ticket. FortisBC will provide you with gas line information within two business days. Information from all other utilities will be provided within three business days.  It’s easy and completely worthwhile. It made our entire landscaping experience much easier.

If you’re looking at refreshing your landscaping or making a new garden space this spring, we’ve got a few helpful tips and tricks we’ve picked up along with way:

  1. Start earlier than you think. In terms of florals, waiting until the summer is usually too late. You’re better to start looking, planning and purchasing now in order to have the best selection.

Think about your space. Keep an eye on whether plants need sunlight or shade and plan accordingly.

When I plant flowers, I love to consider what I want to clip to enjoy in my house. I love hydrangeas and roses. Our hydrangea bush grows back fuller every year. It’s gorgeous.

Consider where you want to invest. I love hydrangeas, boxwoods, lavender, peonies and garden roses. Planted in groupings to give a consistent and inform look. They all grow back every year and larger every year which slowly creates that established and mature yard look that we all love. They are worth the initial investment. Plus you have gorgeous florals to freshly snip all summer long! I also make sure to order new hanging baskets and planted pots for each season. They add such a gorgeous and cohesive look to our outdoor space.