Paper Strawberry Drink Tags & My Favourite Frosé

How adorable are these!!! Simple DIY strawberry drink tags for your summer festivities made simply with card stock, floral wire and a little glue, these are SUPER easy to create… alongside my favourite frosé (blended with strawberries and peaches) cocktail too! Even if you are not the crafty type I promise you, you’ll be able to make these sweet little tags for your next gathering. We even included a step by step video that will guide you through each step at the end of the post. These would be so cute for a strawberry shortcake themed birthday party (frosé for the adults only of course), backyard bash or even so sweet for a bridal or baby shower. Use them as decor hanging off the glass, and while you’re at it why not turn them into a name tag too. 

My quick simple frosé recipe you ask? Blend together 2 parts rosé, 1 part frozen strawberries and peaches, add a splash of lemonade if you would like it thinner or more rose. Top with an extra splash of rosé on top when ready to serve. 

Light pink or red card stock
Green card stock
18g Fabric wrapped stem wire
Fine tip black ben
Glue gun
Small hole punch
Strawberry Drink Tag Printable Template


  1. 1. Print the templates provided above and cut out all templates and set aside.

2. To create one large strawberry, trace the large strawberry template’s onto the pink cardstock, cut out the two strawberries and cut the center cut lines as per the template.

3. Using a fine tip black pen draw small dots onto the two large strawberries to create the seeds.

4. Using the green card stock trace and then cut out 1 large leaf and 1 large strawberry top.

5. Poke a small hole into the centre of the strawberry top as shown on the template and as well at the base of the leaf.

6. Cut one piece of floral wire to 5 inches long.

7. Thread the large strawberry top on the floral wire then the large strawberry leaf, push down leaving about 1 inch of wire at the base.

8. Using a glue gun run a bead of glue along the back in between the crease and a small amount on the top to secure the floral wire to the crease and press down the strawberry top to secure to the top.

9. Using a pencil go up 1 ½ inch from the leaf and wrap the remaining wire around the pencil 3 times. This will create the curls so it can be hung off the rim of a glass.

10. Repeat if desired.

11. To create one small strawberry drink tag follow steps 2 through 9 using the small strawberry drink tag templates in place of the large.