Picking The Perfect Stool

Our kitchen island is one of the more popular areas to gather in our home. It’s a natural space to meet which makes it even more worthwhile to find good seating. Not only do these stools get used A LOT!!! But they are also a great way to add in a creative design touch, or simply just tie your look at together. Whether it’s a layed-back coastal or a sophisticated classic look, stools are defiantly the piece of furniture that will set the tone.

Are you looking for a set of stools for your home? Maybe you have a pool house, an outdoor entertaining area, or a bar area that needs seating? No matter where you need them, stools can be an opportunity to have fun and get creative with a statement chair or a unique style, like coastal bamboo wood.

If you need stools for a high traffic area (or if, like me, you have kids crawling up on them regularly), considering choosing a metal one or a natural material like wood or bamboo. Stools can complete the look of your space, pulling it all together. I chose a few of my favorite styles at different price points to consider for your home.

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