Prints everywhere!

It’s true, I’m obsessed with prints! I love gallery walls even more! I have lots of you asking what my favourite prints shops are, because I definitely do have my favourites!! I’ve picked my top 11 favourite prints from my favourite shops to share with you today! Creating a gallery wall can by tough! But why not plan out a post like above first, while collecting your favourite pieces online! It may take a little while. But hey! You are more then welcome to steal some of my faves… I’ll let you! 😉

I usually like to frame all the prints in white frames which I pick up from ikea. Are you renting our wanting to create a fancy gallery wall at work? Try this snazzy hanging system!

1. Creme del la Creme $15
2.  LOVE madebygirl $17.95
3.  Step aside Coffee $15
4.  Be in LOVE $20
5. Lolitas Large $32
6. Hello Heart $15
7.  Non Je Ne Regrette Rien White Small $47
8. Lover of the Light Floral Print $46
9. Awake my Soul Floral Print $46
10. Work it $15
11.  30 Nail Polishes $30