Impromptu Family Photos at Rose Ranch

Aren’t the best memories the ones that are unplanned, unexpected and last minute? Our trip down the Washington and Oregon coast was a combination of all of the above. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that one of my highlights included passing this gorgeous barn at Rose Ranch. I had never seen or heard of it before, but the moment we drove by I made Troy turn around so I could take a picture of it! I mean look at it. Isn’t it stunning? Full of character and just beautiful!

Sadly, I discovered my camera battery was dead and all I got was a quick Instagram story picture, along with a promise from Troy that we could stop on the way home. A few hours later Emma Rose messaged me to say that it was her family ranch and asked if we would be coming back their way. She’s been following my blog for awhile and would love to take some photos of our family!

I immediately wrote back: “Yes!!” I absolutely loved meeting her, getting to know her heart for photography and learning more about the future of Rose Ranch.  The barn is 94 years old with possible plans of being a beautiful venue of some sort one day!

Emma was just the sweetest and we became instant friends – all thanks to INSTA-gram! She showed us around her family’s ranch and took us down to the barn where we had a carefree spontaneous session filled with laughter and fun. The kids loved it and were so engaged with Emma, which made taking photos as a family so much easier. It was so low key and comfortable. I knew these photos would be perfect.

And these photos. Wow! They’re some of my favourite photos of our family simply because they’re so relaxed. I didn’t get my makeup done. We’re all wearing clothes we packed for our impromptu vacation. The spontaneity of it all makes these photos extra special to me and I must say they are some of my favourites. This little story is the reason I fell in love with blogging and social media. Connecting with Emma was such an amazing gift and I’m so thankful she messaged me and extended her time and talent. We will cherish these photos forever!

Again, I love the real power of social media and how this all came to be! Thank you for your generous heart and talent, Emma! If you’re in the Seattle area and looking for a photographer, definitely look Emma up!  Can’t wait to meet again!