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Let me introduce you to the head of the Sparkle Patrol. If you’re looking for glamorous sparkle, you look to Elsa Corsi. If you’re looking for timeless jewelry, you look to Elsa Corsi. If you want to be the most dazzling at any event, you look to Elsa Corsi. She is the go-to girl in the sparkle department! She’s our very own Vancouver Jem, with the perfect eye for flair and fashion when it comes to creating the perfect piece of jewelry! Her remarkable pieces range from stunning oversized chandelier earrings, eye catching cocktail rings, as well as delicate strands of pearls finished off with glorious crystal clasps! Words just can’t explain!

I first met Elsa two years ago while shopping for my wedding jewellery at Jeweliette downtown, Vancouver. I was literally in jewellery heaven. I instantly fell in love with her oversized Swarovski crystal cuffs and continuous strands of pearls! While admiring all the pieces I said to the lady at the counter,  “I love Elsa Corsi, it’s love at first site!”. She had a little chuckle, little did I know that she was in fact Elsa. It was sorta like a celeb moment for me! Elsa is beyond adorable, gracious and fun! She has built her sparkle empire all over the world, featured in endless magazines and captured the eyes of many girls! I’m so excited to have her share on the blog today! Enjoy! xo

And a little secret… you might be seeing some bfrend bracelets with a little bit more sparkle in the next little while! Elsa Corsi vs. Bfrend!

1. How did it allll start?? How did you begin making jewelry??
It was about 11 years ago and I had just made myself a bronze, crystal mesh headband that I wore all the time! When I was wearing it in LA on a buying trip with my mother I was spotted by the buyer for Fred Segal in one of the showrooms who LOVED it and ordered them on the spot for their famous Santa Monica boutique!

2. Do you remember the first piece you made?
Yes! The very, very first piece I made was a bronze rhinestone mesh hairband! (see above)

3. What’s the best part of your job?
I love all aspects of what I do, from the design, to the production and especially helping the customers…but the best, best part is that I work for myself and I don’t have to spend my life at a job I hate! Life is too short!

4. Throughout the years, what moment put the biggest smile on your face?
Ahh, there is quite a few really! From selling to my first celebrity client, being interviewed by Jeanne Beker or helping a bride find the perfect wedding jewellery…every smile is a milestone that reminds me that I am doing what I am meant to do!

5. Who inspires you?
My family, they make me try my hardest and be the best I can be!

6. What’s your fave hang out spot in Vancouver?
There is a lot of great places in town! On my current list of faves are Coast, Four Seasons, Oyster…but truth be told, there is no place like HOME!

7. If you had to hop on a plane in an hour, where would you go and what would you bring?
I’d go somewhere hot, so I wouldn’t need much but no matter where I’m headed you can be sure that I’ll be armed with a great pair of earrings (just in case!)

8. Favourite all time dress on the Red Carpet?
I don’t remember the dresses, I have a one track mind when it come to the Red Carpet…it’s all about the SPARKLE! Most memorable jewels for me are Jennifer Lopez’s Fred Leighton Chandellier Earrings in 2003- this style inspired one of my favorite pairs in my own collection appropriately named the “JLO”. A very close second are Angelina’s 115 Carat Emerald Earrings in 2009…my jaw literally dropped when I saw those!

9. If you could style one celebrity who would it be?
I love Jennifer Lopez’s style, she always looks great and loves to accessorize!

10. Daily reads?
Doctor’s Closet, Tastespotting and Twitter

Find more of Elsa Corsi on my blog here and here .

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