Significant Moments

If you’ve been following my blog for a little white… or even my Pinterest account, you might have noticed how much I love inspirational quotes and sayings! I love reading a new quote that I apply and own to my every day!

Just this past weekend my husband and I ran the Lululemon Sea Wheeze half Marathon in Vancouver! It was our first half, so you can imagine we were a little nervous as to HOW and WHEN we were going to cross that finish line! Even though it was a tough 2 hours & 15 minutes WE DID indeed cross that big finish line, actually it was more of a blow-up humungous watermelon slice!

But honestly, the best part of the race was seeing all the people cheering you on and making you not want to fall on your face and give up! My favourite moment was seeing two young girls with very sparkly signs that read “She Believed she could… so she did” & “You Sparkle”! I had to stop and take a photo…. As corny as it may sound, that was a Pinterest Pin come to life! Not only did it make me smile, it made me want to keep running, and running faster! I am so happy I took 15 seconds to stop my race and document two sweet young girls motivating so many runners! I hope I’m not getting all mushy on you here… but I feel like I need to stop more often and really be thankful for important moments in our daily races! Last week’s instagram was all about mini moments… today’s is all about significant moments! Here are some from the past week!

Take some time to stop and find some significant moments in your day! 🙂

1.Best Cheerleaders Ever at The Sea Wheeze Half Marathon
2. Troy & I enjoying the horse races for the first time at the Deighton Cup.
3. A heart full of new Flora Bracelets. New Gray and Black!
4. Enjoying a moment and a sneak peek from an upcoming magazine feature!
5. Summer tradition, Celebration of Light at English Bay- Vancouver.
6. Enjoying a beach day with a best friend!
7. Amazing feeling to be running our first Half Marathon! Sea Wheeze
8. Bigger and Better at Relate Church.
9.  More summer memories with best friends!
10. Happy Dance… my tweet was published in ELLE Canada mag.. haha- Am I lame?