Small Fresh Starts

Happiest 2018 everyone! I can hardly believe that Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone! It was a busy season for our family, a “go-go-go…go-go!!” kind of break, which, honestly, I don’t really love! I made the effort to take two weeks off, slow down and spend as much time as possible with my family at a relatively slower pace. Truth be told, we were all sick for the entire break and we didn’t get as much time to relax as I hoped. Needless to say, it was still such a joyful time and we absolutely did make endless memories with family and friends. I’m hoping January doesn’t pick up as quickly this year so we can focus on our health and enjoy the little, slower moments this month.

January is typically my least favorite month of the year. However, this year I’m choosing to let it be one where we can recharge and take a deep breath without putting all the pressure on what it may hold for the upcoming months.  I might just like like you this year, January!

I thought about making my big resolutions and life-changing goals. Honestly, I’m giving myself a bit of break and just continuing what I started last year. Yes, I am a goal person, but I am an ongoing goals kind of person. Coming up with new ideas and striving for stronger and better every day. Funny enough, this January I just want to breathe and regroup and think of fresh starts for our family, to give us the motivation and energy to continue what we’ve started. Does that make sense? Anyone else with me on this one? I felt myself getting a bit overwhelmed with it all so I’m just taking one step back instead of five steps forward. And goodness, it already feels so good!

I want to dedicate this year to going back to the basics. Still working hard and pressing forward, but not being so hard on myself at the same time. I feel like the more I pile on my plate, the more I over think, and the more I miss the mark. Feeling overwhelmed has been too common and it’s really getting to me lately. Maybe I’m feeling this way because we have baby number three on the way and I’ve been mostly sick and quite tired up to now. Sixteen weeks in, I can officially feel my body (and mind) telling me to slow down. I miggggghhhht just listen.

That being said, I’m so excited about this year! So, so, so excited! We already have amazing things set in motion and they are long-time dreams and goals coming true for us. (More about that soon!) So! 2018 is about embracing the fresh starts while finding time to breathe and savor it all. Recognizing those goals and dreams coming to be, being thankful for them, and reflecting on everything it took to get to this point. I don’t ever want to take our journey or story for granted.

First thing I did for myself this year? Bought a few stems of my favorite flowers, which added a little touch of freshness to the house after all the Christmas decor came down. It was just what I needed to start this year. Below is a little step-by-step of how I pulled this simple arrangement together. No need to buy dozens of flowers! I love the “less is more” look when it comes to little pops of floral in the house. Again, back to the basics, I’m liking it!

Also, if you are interested, I did a little tutorial on my Instagram stories (and saved on my profile’s highlights), showing you how I edited these photos in Lightroom. I’ve shared a few of my tips and tricks to achieve that bright, fresh, airy look! (Note: I believe you can only see Instagram stories when on your phone.)