sneak peek

We had such an amazing time at our bfrend x Elsa Corsi photo shoot yesterday! I was ecstatic the whole day and everything turned out perfectly as planned! I cannot wait to see the final product, and share it with all of you of course! In the mean time I thought I would post some of the photos that I managed to snap on my iphone!

Huge thanks to our wonderful team! (Credit List Below)

Dream Team

Photographer: Jasalyn Thorne
Model: Michelle Hetmanska
Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie
Makeup: Brianne Hibbs
Hair: Natalie Jonas
Wardrobe: Michelle White- Ivory Bridal
Additional Sparkle & Jewelry: Jeweliette
Location: White Box Studios
Video footage: James Kim
Macarons c/o: Kitchening with Carly